Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Postcard Project

Artist Jane Davies recently posted on her blog a plea to her followers to help save her small rural post office from closure by sending postcards to her, and thereby, increasing the volume of mail.  She promised to return an art postcard to the first 200 people who responded.  Because I have her book, Collage Journeys, and have admired (and tried to emulate) her art, I jumped right in so that I could receive a piece of her original art.  Several blogs and e-publications have publicized this project, and even school children have taken up this project, so I hope this has benefited the town of Rupert, Vermont.

Subsequently, Jane posted a video tutorial showing how she makes art postcards by creating one art piece (8x12), which she then cuts into 4 postcards..  Following her procedures of randomly painting, collaging, stamping, and doodling, I made one set of postcards so that I could send her additional cards over the next couple of weeks.  That process was such fun, I did two more sets over the weekend.  Here are the three sets I made.  The missing piece has already been mailed off to Jane... I didn't think to take photos before cutting up my large pieces, but you can see where the top two on the left had originally been together.  The set in the middle looked a little bland, so I added ink scribbles after they were cut.

You can read more about Jane's postcard project and see photos of the cards she has received here.  I'm sure we will all benefit by using the U.S. Postal Service more often, so lets get the cards going!!  If you would like to exchange art cards, email me here.


  1. THANKS for posting this!!! Our cards look great, and I look forward to getting one, or more.

  2. Wonderful idea....I hope it makes a difference for Jane. Love all your postcards; they look like real fun to do.

    BTW...you know the rescue cat I'm getting? Its a calico girl ;-) xx