Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the Groove again!

In November, I saw an invitation to artists to submit work for an exhibit at Gallery Eleven, an art cooperative in my home town.  All pieces had to be in an 8 by 8 inch format, and I just happened to have the one that I did in a workshop last July with Toni Kelly.  I had been thinking of doing a companion piece, so this gave me the nudge I needed to start painting again.  On these first two pieces, I used scanned copies of drawings from my nature journal and quotations on the themes of Hope and Joy.

This was so much fun that I did two more pieces to enter in the show.  I didn't have any more birdie drawings that lent themselves to something similar, so the next two pieces were more abstract.  My favorite way to start a painting is to lay down some texture with tissue or molding paste and then see where that takes me.  These are the results:


The exhibit opened on January 12, and a few days later, I got a call saying that one of my pieces had sold!  It was the very bright abstract in my favorite colors of red, orange, pink and turquoise, which I had named "Alive!"  I was thrilled and feeling validated as an artist.

Now I have a couple more abstracts nearly finished and am just bubbling over with the urge to paint every day.  It feels so good to be back in the groove!!


  1. How exciting, doesn't that just make you feel great! Nice work Joyce, glad to see you are back. xox

  2. Congratulations on selling one! Love the ones with birds, they're the ones that sing to me.

  3. Great news ....and lovely artwork! You must be pleased :-) xx