Friday, June 4, 2010

Out my back door

I can't get any work done for stopping to watch the action at my birdfeeders.  And I have to identify and record new species and take photos to remind me of the details when I try to draw them.  A pair of Carolina Chickadees are recent visitors.  They are year-round inhabitants of this area, but I just realized they are not the Black-capped ones, but are smaller and don't have a white streak on the wings.

The sparrows and house finches were eating all the chickadee and cardinal food, so I decided to get a finch feeder to draw them away.  That ploy didn't work at all.  What it did was draw in a flock of goldfinches.  They are so beautiful right now and the flashes of gold keep me going back to the windows to look at them. The feeder has six perches, and it's often full, plus one bird sitting on top.

And the other culprit robbing the birdfeeders is a this cute little guy who makes numerous trips from the backyard, up the steps of the deck and up into the feeder to fill his cheeks.  I had some fun trying to catch him in the act with my camera.  Although he ran away pretty fast, he came right back a few minutes later for a refill.

Now I need to start drawing in my nature journal and finish the month of May.  It's supposed to be fun, not work, so no pressure to finish.  Right?


  1. What fun! You have the best wildlife in your own back yard. I would be so distracted too. Can't wait to see your newest journal page.

  2. Lucy says keep up the good work. It's her favorite blogspot!

  3. joyce, i'm in love...with the birds, with you...i'm so excited to find your blog! and what a treat to see that blue china has been in these parts, too! love that girl, too!