Monday, May 31, 2010

Art Postcard from the Isle of Skye

What a wonderful world we live in!  When I start to get depressed by all the bad news of human, environmental, and political disasters, I can find peace and joy by slipping into the huge world of creativity that is brought to me by the internet.  It's not only a visual world of art, it's a connection of spirits with similar interests. 

One kindred spirit with whom I have connected through blogging is Emma, a mixed media artist living on the Isle of Skye.  Doesn't that sound heavenly? I had to look it up, and found it in the Inner Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland.  Her photographs are lovely and make me want to go there.

Emma is having a big birthday in June and asked blogging and art friends to participate in a postcard swap.   I was excited to participate, although I have been having trouble sorting through ideas for my contribution.  She beat me to the draw. (Pun not intended.)  Last week I received her art card, a wonderful collage of different papers, paint, stamping, and ribbon, all stitched up like a crazy quilt.  I treasure the art card and being Emma's friend.   My postcard will be on its way to her this week for sure! She's posting one card a day, and it's quite interesting to see each of them.  Stop by her blog and wish her Happy Birthday.


  1. Isn't her work the best. I got one too! Emma is a doll....I am liking your digital art!!!!

  2. That is beautiful! Yes, it does sound rather dreamy to live somewhere called Ile of Skye.

    Are you going to post your postcard you sent to her?

  3. Oh wait till I get it, please or I might have a heart attack!

    Lovely words you & dos & blue wrote. It is amazing that this blogging & swapping is worldwide. Imagine what we'd have missed without the www!

  4. I definitely want Emma to be surprised, so I will just post a link when she opens it.

  5. Joyce, thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. I have enjoyed touring yours - it is always great to 'meet' someone from another part of the world. I love your journal pages, there is nothing like the personal touch. Keep up the good work. Jill