Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nature Journal May 2010

There is a wide difference between the wildlife of the city and that of woods and meadows less than 30 miles away as the crow flies.  Birds, in particular, are quite different. On a recent getaway at a friend's farm, I identified and recorded thirteen species, many of which I have not seen at my deck feeders.  For example, the Eastern Phoebe, was flitting from the woods to the eaves of the house where it had built a nest of mud and grass.  It is a pretty little bird in shades of bark grey and brown.  I had never seen this bird before, and it took me a couple of days to positively identify it.  The most common flower blooming along the creek and road was a daisy fleabane, but it is pinkish purple and a different species from the white one that keeps popping up in my perennial bed. And then there were the wood ticks.... arrgh!  But no harm done, just a squeamish feeling for the rest of the day after I got them out of my hair. 


  1. You know I love, love, love your journal pages. This might be my favorite one so far. Really like your drawing of the pine cone!

    And yuck to the ticks! They were in your hair? oh boy!

  2. Another wonderful couple of journal pages. I love your observations and lovely drawings to accompany. Field notes as art!

  3. I love your descriptions and especially your drawings....I feel like I'm on a walk with you....but the thanks!...ha....we used to have them and for years after playing in the woods with the children we would have a tick check! But interesting that now we don't have them hardly....why?....because we have those "fire ants" from So America...getting farther and farther north.....when we moved to our farm in fire ants and now there are mounds all over the pastures....a reason too for no more horned toads. You make me want to get out more and observe! I do have ONE CRAZY LOUD mockingbird....even singing all night....a night person like is sooo funny even visitors comment on him and how loud and persistent he is....I'm assuming it is a mockingbird....will check. Love your blog!! sherry