Monday, April 29, 2013

A new technique! Monoprinting with the Gelli plate

A few weeks ago, I caved in to the urge and bought a Gelli plate.  Having read about it and watched some videos on line, I knew this would be fun and addictive.  And it is!! An hour after my Gelli plate arrived in the mail, I had had run out of space to let them dry, so I made myself quit and drafted this post, which I then forgot to publish.  Since then, I have probably made more than a hundred monoprints on various kinds of paper, including deli paper, which I have added to my stash for collage.

Just a note about the technique, in case you have been out of the country and not heard about it yet :)

The Gelli plate is similar to the kind of gelatin printing plate that is made at home with plain gelatin; however, this one is more permanent - can be used over and over without having to refrigerate.  I've used various kinds of acrylic paint with them and found that student grade acrylic paints work great.  Some acrylic glazing medium helps extend the work time.

Go to Gelliarts for examples, tutorials and purchase.  Art supply companies also carry them.  


  1. Addicting aren't they. I have the biggest one and I love it because I can work bigger which I like. You are right, the cheapie craft acrylic works best and lets you layer away - works good on fabric too. xox

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  3. I had a great time gelli printing with my friend Maggi...such fun to do. Looks like you enjoyed yourself too! Really like bottom left.....