Monday, March 12, 2012

Art Journal - Watercolors!

I'm loving the Strathmore On-Line Workshop 2 with Cathy Johnson --Watercolor Sketching.  I have admired Cathy's nature journals and recently purchased her book.  Nothing beats having a live instructor, though, and the on-line workshop has given me the first opportunity I've had to learn from a watercolor pro.  We are two lessons into the course, and I've already learned a lot.  This is an on-going course, so it's still open to newcomers.

In last week's lesson, Cathy gave us a demo of sketching Basil, one of her favorite plants.  Naturally, my choice was the Hellebore.  Here's my page, on which I used some of her techniques.  One of those was "spattering" and it just so happened that the little vase I used to hold my flower had spattered spots in the glaze.  How serendipitous is that?


  1. Nice blog. You might like to see my post about the Picasso exhibition in Sydney. It finishes on the 25th March.

  2. I'm late getting started. Supposed to have a rainy day here tomorrow, maybe I'll watch the videos and get caught up.

  3. Sweet and playful and brimming with life. I can see that the workshop is having a great effect on your approach to art making.