Friday, February 17, 2012

Sharing the Sunshine

Today is a gorgeous, sunny day in West Virginia, but I hear there might be a big snow coming this way over the weekend, so the word for today is "Gather ye Hellebores while ye may!"

I took advantage of the 50 degree weather to do a bit of gardening and snip away the old leaves from my hellebores so that the flowers are not being weighed down by them.  There is an amazing variety among the plants - no two are alike - and they seem to produce more flowers every year.  I decided some could be spared from my landscape to bring inside for a bouquet to share with you.


  1. What a lovely bouquet they make. Just this morning I remarked on some potted Hellebores over at the little shopping centre near here, admiring their understated beauty. Snowdrops are popping up around Vancouver, with no drops of snow in the forecast, thankfully. Guess you need to keep gardening gloves and winter mittens at the ready.

  2. Look at those hellebores Joyce, wow are they gorgeous. I am not planting anything in my yard until puppy gets out of the chewing everything phase, but would love a spot for some of these. Wacky weather eh? xox Corrine

  3. Love your fresh bouquet, Joyce. We may get a dusting of snow overnight. So far, rain.