Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching up - October Mail Art Challenge

The Creativity Challenge for October was "Mail Art" and I was fortunate to be selected for an exchange with Eileen , the Artful Crafter.   Her web site is a resource for people like me, who are looking for new ideas and techniques to use in our mixed media art.  Here's what she sent me:  isn't it lovely?  And there are all sorts of hidden things to discover!

the front of the envelope was a collage of colorful papers, vintage papers, and colorful doodles.  The back of the envelope had more of the same, plus a couple of peek-a-boo places.  After I removed the clear acetate covering, the doors opened to reveal the garden in Eileen's back yard.  Since Eileen lives in Mexico, she decorated the envelope with Mexican colors and designs.    On the lower left, there was a see-thru sun, with chili pepper confettin inse.  And inside the envelope were some special  handmade gifts of notecards, sticky-notes, and a canvas.  The envelope was machine-stitched to keep everything intact, and it came through the mail in almost perfect condition!  I'm afraid the one I sent to her  didn't make it to Mexico in pristine condition, even though the Postal Service clerk who hand-stamped the envelope for me did her best to preserve the art and got a charge out of doing something new like this.    It was fun to put together the package and make an art envelope for mailing, though.  I loved the exchange.   
Thanks, Eileen!  

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  1. How cool to see this on your blog. Thank you, Joyce! I'm glad you enjoyed all the little touches and it was fun being your mail art buddy.

    I'm about to use some of the wonderful papers you sent me from your stash in a journaling project for a Jessica Sprague class I'm taking.

    It's so neat how one thing leads to another when you get into this type of exchange.