Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kittens Mystery Story

It was a dark and rainy night.  I was in the living room watching some dumb show on t.v. when I heard a loud thump in the entry hall and a streak of dark orange passed through the hall to beneath my chair.  Aroused from a near slumber, I trudged to the hall to see what was going on.  There, above the stairwell, Petey, the alpha kitten, peered down through the railings of the upper hallway. 

Always the clever detective, I deduced that it must have been Purrkins that made the noise as a result of a fall from the second floor.  Yikes! I said.  Maybe she is hurt.  That is a big fall!  Where is she? 

Looking under all the furniture, I didn't spot her, so I went on around through the living room to the passage to the kitchen.  There she sat, looking somewhat dazed.  I went to her and picked her up for inspection.  Yikes!  She was bleeding from the nose!  Now I'm really scared (and half sick).  Maybe she fell on her head and has a concussion?  Hmmmm.  So I did what they do on NFL games:  I held up two fingers and asked her how many she could see.  ..  .. No Answer.  I tried to keep calm as I called the emergency number for my vet and got instructions to go to the emergency veterinary hospital.  Never mind that I had just finished a glass of wine.  I got the kitten in the carrier and got my car out of the garage, reaching for the peppermint gum.  Two hours later.... the bleeding has stopped before we got in to see the vet, Purrkins is able to walk a straight line on the floor for the vet, and she is pronounced fine except for a swollen nose, and we get to pull out the charge card to pay the $100 fee and go home.  Today, everything is normal, but the question still remains:  did she fall or was she pushed??


  1. You will never know.....glad she is okay. I know that going to the vet hospital in the night thing, never fun. Unbelievable shot of that
    cat with her tongue hanging out! xox Corrine

  2. I vote for pushed. Do you think that Petey is related to Cato with that tongue hanging out thing?

  3. Yikes. Sounds like you need a child safety fence up there to keep them safe. Glad all is OK.

    I was a wee bit inspired by your last post :-) I am so lucky to have that part of the garage! I actually thought that after organizing my indoor space that I could move my paints back in there, but no, they are still in the laundry room. I suppose I just spread out where ever I can :-)

  4. You are quite a writer/story teller, amazing!
    So happy she is fine, poor little thing!
    Wondering if you are going on your blog while in Nm. I am in Albuquerque. Wondering whether we could meet.....?

  5. Franswazz, can you give me a call at 304-541-2324

  6. I can't get beyond the adorableness of those kittens to read the words! The pictures speak volumes in themselves.

  7. Your cats are so funny, but $100? Eeeeeek!!
    We've just taken out pet insurance because we have a feeling Peachy may be Trouble.... ;-)