Sunday, October 3, 2010

At last! An organized work space

 Yesterday, I visited my favorite place to stimulate the economy - Stray Dog Antiques - in downtown Charleston WV - and found the coolest thing!! - a post office sorter.  It is just the thing to organize my paints and necessary supplies.  I thought I should post this so my friends could see my work space uncluttered for the first time ever.  It actually resembles an ART STUDIO.  I am so happy! 
The rest of the area needed some decluttering also, and also some safety modifications.  I spent at least an hour on the floor trying to detangle all the electric cords under my computer desk and get them bound by twist ties so they wouldn't dangle and be so attractive to the new kittens to play with and chew on.  I'm not sure I helped matters.  Purrkins was right back and playing with the twist ties.  But at least she was chewing the twist ties and not the electric cords.

And then there's the bookcase with my paper supplies and things I don't use all the time.  It still looks too full and cluttered.  You would think there's no room for anything more, but Petey found enough room to play in it.  Do you think I will get published in "Where Women Work"?  It would have to be captioned "Where Kittens (and their mama) Play".


  1. Even when I clean my studio, it never looks THIS good. And, I don't have any kitties peeking out of the shelves either. Great find that post office
    sorter. xox Corrine

  2. That is SO inspiring! My studio is a shambles, and this may get me energized to make some good changes! Thank you, Joyce!

  3. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look at your nice, tidy space!! That post office cubby is fabulous for organizing. Now we are all jealous that you can find your supplies.......

    Happy Fall!


  4. Love the post office thingy for your paints, I could use something like that, my paints are stuffed in boxes at the moment.
    Your Petey sure get's into everything doesn't he? LOL