Monday, August 30, 2010

Watercolor kittens

Here is another August journal page with the "nature" item that has been my most constant inspiration this month.  In keeping with my goal for this year to learn to draw, I've been trying to sketch the kittens.  The hardest part is the eyes.  In my unschooled opinion, if you don't get the eyes right, you don't have a chance of capturing the real image.  I have to say I haven't yet gotten the eyes right, but I'm still working on it. 


  1. I have been enjoying following your journey and admire your courage and determination. And btw I think your kitten eyes look quite good. I just thought I would mention though that cat tracks rarely show claw marks since cats can retract their claws. Canines on the other hand always have the claws. Just fyi. Keep up the good work. I enjoy seeing your work.

  2. Carol, thanks for the compliments! About the cat tracks, yes, after I had finished, I realized they weren't right. I think I must have been subconsciously reflecting how sharp those tiny kitten claws are and how they have left scratches all over me! LOL

  3. Aaaw, they're darling.

    I just learned we have something in common. I used to be able to draw quite well but, it's not like riding a bicycle sorry to say.

    I feel I have to learn all over.

    You're doing very well! Keep it up!!

  4. I think you've done a pretty good job of getting expression into those eyes. The sitting kitty is looking at you with curiosity and the reclining feline is regarding you with quiet trust.

  5. Cute kittens. I think you're right about getting the eyes right. Keep it up.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Ah your second drawing looks like Peachy!
    Thanks for your message...I followed the link and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the photo of the triplets!