Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleepy kittens

The great thing about getting two kittens is that they play together and then sleep together.  I love to watch them in either state.  Even in sleep, they are adorable and fun to watch.  Yes, I'm a doting mother :) and I love to show off my pictures. 

After a morning's romp, Purrkins is so sleepy she can hardly hold her eyes open.  Do you think there's hope for her?  (I swear this picture was not posed.)

And Petey is so soft and cuddley that I just want to take a nap right with her.

You've heard of Ernest Hemingway's cats with extra toes?  Here's one with extra feet!!

Oh, I guess I was mistaken...

Petey was sleeping on Purrkins' little brown feet.


  1. They are so cute I can barely stand it. And that photo of the two extra feet - hilarious. I wish I was your neighbor so I could stop by and play with them!

  2. Oooh, how cute. What adorable pictures ... and I loved the way you cropped to tell the Ernest Hemingway story.

    You gave me my smile for today ;-)

  3. Too cute (or should that be two cute)!!

  4. You are making me miss my cats....we live in the woods and they have disappeared...coyotes, or owls or something....just looking at these is tempting!!! Maybe when my grand daughter comes....

  5. So sweet. They look like butter and caramel...xox Corrine

  6. too cute and funny....

    my daughter has a girl cat already and she'll be adding the baby boy into the picture this weekend.....oh keep your fingers crossed that they like each other.