Thursday, June 24, 2010

Festivall Charleston

Our city is celebrating the Arts in a big way this week.  Downtown Charleston is decorated with works of art, both permanent and temporary.  While parked in front of the Clay Center for the Arts last week, I snapped this photo and enhanced it with my iPhone apps (Lo-Mob and Camera+).  This huge modern sculpture is a recent gift to the city by a patron of the Arts, and has been the subject of debate since it was first erected.  On the cloudy, dismal days of winter, it might appear to be a pile of rusty remnants of a major construction project.  In the sun, however, it playfully points skyward and draws the eye toward its many curves and angles. 

Festivall Charleston is a series of art, music, theater and entertainment events taking place over a two-week period.  The theme is "When a city becomes a work of art."  For those of us who love the arts in all its forms, this is truly a time of celebration and renewal.  For more information and a schedule of events, check out the web site here.  If you want to visit Charleston, the week of Festivall is the time to come!

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  1. Great to have festival's to attend. I love it when towns and cities invest in public art, love to go the the squares and gardens to view. Great photo.