Tuesday, February 16, 2010

January Journal page

January was the month of snow and little brown birds.  Here's my journal page to go with the photos in my February 3 blog entry.  I just read that the white-throated sparrow is not usually a permanent resident of WV.  It's great that I have had two of them at a time at my feeder -- hope it's a breeding pair.  They are really cute little birds with their yellow streaks and white chins.
  I didn't plan the January page and it shows.  I learned that lesson and did a little thinking ahead when I started my next one.  In honor of Valentine's Day, my February journal page features two birds that I usually see in pairs. That's the only hint I'm going to give you. 

Well, if you insist, here's one more:  the color of the month is red...


  1. lovely nature journal! I have a long-running art journal going- years in the making!

  2. your journal pages are wonderful!