Sunday, September 1, 2013

Recent Paintings

It's been a slow summer, as far as art productivity, but I have completed three paintings since I posted the first of the 24x24 inch canvases that I had purchased.  The Southwest influence has become more obvious in two that I finished and named after my recent trip to New Mexico.

This one, I call "High Road to Taos".  If you have ever been on that road, you will understand why I was thinking of that trip when this appeared on my canvas.  I love that road because it reminds me of a West Virginia two-lane road, but with red rock formations instead of tree-covered mountains.

This year, I was lucky to be in Santa Fe during the Opera Season and splurged on a ticket to see "La Traviata".  What a treat that was!  This painting reflects the brilliant red dress worn by Violetta as well as the turquoise jewelry worn by the opera-goers.  

In my last painting, I deliberately began with a different palette of blues and greens, but ended up with mainly the three primary colors.  As with my other paintings, I started by putting down texture on the canvas, this time using wrinkled tissue paper.  The painting took the shapes of the wrinkles.  I named this one, "Into the Light."   


  1. Nice work....A friend just moved to Ojo Caliente and I can't wait to go visit here, but not until next year.....xox

  2. Gorgeous! I've never been to New Mexico, and hope to teach there at some point. Thanks for the inspiration.