Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Mix in my Media

As I'm planning another trip to New Mexico this fall, I thought about the fun places to shop and remembered the wonderful fabrics that I brought back last time.  How can I buy more this time if I haven't touched those??? (Well, I sure could, but I shouldn't!!)  Anyway, I decided it was time to haul out the sewing machine, which also hadn't been touched since I bought it a couple of years ago, and do a project.   I was shocked to find out that the machine worked perfectly, and I didn't struggle to get the tension right or have any of the frustrations I expected from my past experience with sewing machines.  Why did I put this off so long??

Here's what I made:  a slipcover for my Moleskine sketchbook.  I sewed down some pieces of fabric on a backing of plain cotton duck, using machine decorative stitching.  Some of the fabrics have printed on stitching, so it's hard to tell from the photo which stitches are which.

After putting in a lining and closing the ends, I sewed on a button and looped on a ribbon for the closure.

This is what the outside looks like, including the back.

And here's the inside lining and pockets that hold the book. 
Purrkins likes the ribbons.

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  1. Oh nice cover. You will have a marvelous time. I am jealous, want to head back to NM too! Take lots of pics for us will you? xox