Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Layers upon Layers

At the Toni Kelly workshop (see my last post) a couple weeks ago, I started a mixed media piece on an 8x10 wood panel. After layers upon layers upon layers, I am calling it finished.

The layers include:  background of fibrous Japanese paper, fluid acrylic paint, aluminum tape cut in shapes, stenciled paint, glazes of fluid acrylics and polymer medium (glossy), and a final topping of heavy gel.

The aluminum tape is something that Toni Kelly uses in her work.  It is found in hardware stores in the section that carries ductwork.  This is metal tape, not the common plastic duct tape.  I mixed Golden GAC 200 medium with the paint to help it adhere to the foil tape.

At the photography session to prepare the photo of my finished piece, I had a another layer -- Purrkins -- who thought I put the piece of mat board on the floor just for her to nap on.

And yes, I'm sure there are cat hairs in my many-layered piece.  No problem when I want lots of texture!


  1. What a luminous piece! The process really sound like fun.

  2. It looks like a media art. The design is so cool. Its a unique piece of art.

  3. Love how colorful this is. Looks great next to the cat! lol Nicely done.

  4. Wish I had your creativity!!! This is a beautiful piece of art!!!! It's intriguing and for me very unique!!

  5. Ahhh....love that last photo!Both are works of art :-)