Monday, January 10, 2011

More Catching Up - October Nature Journal Page

Over the holidays, I finished my October page in my nature journal.  It took me a while to identify some of the beautiful fall plants that I saw when I attended the New Mexico Art Adventure in Cimarron, NM.  The back meadow of Casa del Gavilan was fascinating to this WV girl.  Some of the plants were familiar because they were relatives of Eastern species (as in the case of the pine, oak and juniper trees), or because I've seen them in little dish gardens (as in the case of the pincushion cactus).  But the grasses and other flowering plants were quite different from our plants and were most difficult to identify because they had passed the flowering stage and were left with dried flowers and seedpods.  The field guide that I purchased while in New Mexico only showed the flowering stage, and most web sites didn't have photographs of the seed stage either.  I finally gave up on some of the most interesting plants and drew in my nature journal the plants and animals that I was certain of.

As a background to my New Mexico page, I drew a front view of the Casa del Gavilan with its scenic backdrop of the "Tooth of Time".


  1. What a great way to bring back your trip every time you see this. Wonderful wonderful. xox Corrine

  2. Oh, loving the New Mexico scenery and flora and fauna. Very nice!

  3. Love your journal page. What a great way to keep the memory of your trip alive. deb

  4. Love the southwest colors. Very different from WV.

  5. Joyce

    I just came from June's blog and i wanted to tell you how much i love your interpretation of the Creativity prompt. I love the abstract bright colors!

  6. I'm reading backwards (chronologically speaking) because I haven't had time to hop my favorite blogs lately.

    My, you've been a busy bee, Joyce.

    Lovely journey page and I like that it captures memories of your retreat in NM. A photo is not always the best way to do that, is it?