Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Foliage

One of my favorite summer plants is the Coleus, with all its varieties.  (I found a place on line that had pictures of over 500 varieties!)  I have a hard time choosing the ones I want, so I usually get three varieties and put one of each in the containers beside my front door. 

They don't need much care and are colorful all summer until they start getting tall and "leggy."  I pinch them back several times and bring inside cuttings to put in vases.  One such "bouquet" has been on the table where I work on my nature journal and I decided I needed to try to draw and paint them this week.  I still have a lot to learn about watercolors, but it was a fun challenge to get the colors right.


  1. There's just something about lime green & blood red, isn't there? I find them together on small rocks once the tide is out. Your kittens are gorgeous! My 'kittens' are 15 yrs old!One a tortois shell, the other black but as a child we had one like yours called marmalade...well, why not! My son's kitten is like yours called Harley.

    Beautiful butterfly drawing!

  2. I too am amazed at how many varieties of coleus are out there now.
    It seems endless. Lovely study....xox Corrine