Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Color Report

This past weekend was my annual trip to the mountains of West Virginia to enjoy the Fall color.  I knew before I left that it was too early in the season for the full development of the brilliant reds and oranges, but this was the only weekend that I could travel.  On top of that, there was a good chance of rain on Sunday and Monday, which would spoil my chances to take long walks in the woods and marshes of Canaan Valley.  Sure enough, it rained as predicted and the Fall color had only begun to progress.  Meanwhile, I had a nice visit with friends and family in that area and quite enjoyed a leisurely drive around the Canaan Valley area before returning home.  And I did snap a few photos for reference in doing my watercolor journal entry.

For those of you who can take a long drive to the mountains of West Virginia, I predict that the peak color will begin this coming weekend.    
Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge - Freeland Road

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  1. Gorgeous photos. We aren't this close to Fall here yet. I'm so envious of a long walk in the forest.