Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pitter patter of Little Feet!!

I've neglected my blog and my friends and just about everything else for the past 10 days because my house has two new inhabitants, and I can't get anything done for watching them play.  Of course I've been taking pictures!  And my little Canon digital camera also makes decent videos, so I've been trying my luck at capturing some of the comical antics these two babies are up to. 

Oh, did I forget to say these babies are kittens?  I'm sure you guessed.  I've adopted two adorable little girls from the vet's place where their pregnant mother was rescued and gave birth.  So here they are:  Purrkins and Petey! 

 Purrkins got her name from an orange, bobtailed tomcat that lived in my neighborhood when I was a kid. I don't know what his real name was, we just called him "Perkins" after the family he belonged to.  At first, we thought this kitten was a male, and Perkins seemed to fit.  When she turned out to be a girl, I thought "Purrkins" was a more appropriate spelling.  And besides, she really purrs.

This is Petey.  She was the only kitten in the litter of four that did have a tail.  Don't let her sweet face deceive you -- she's the feisty one, the first to try things and instigate mischief.


  1. Oh they are so cute!!!! I haven't had a kitten in many years. The video was adorable.

  2. So sweet, now wonder you are busy. Enjoy every moment.

  3. Too cute! Thanks for sharing your fun!

  4. Oh my gosh...they are so ADORABLE!!! Nothing like a kitten, or puppy, or baby of any sort to enjoy, is there?

  5. Writing this comment with a huge smile on my face! I had so much fun watching them and of course remembering our own little ones, years ago. They grow up so fast, you are right to take the time to enjoy them now.....and don't feel guilty;)