Monday, April 26, 2010

Artiscape 2010 (Part I)

Is there such a thing as too much inspiration?  After participating in a four-day art retreat, I am nearly overwhelmed with ideas, new techniques to try, and new materials to use.  What an amazing experience Artiscape is!!  The instructors were fantastic.  In each workshop, we made something and came away with written instructions so that we could replicate the technique at home.  In some, I felt like I really accomplished something; in others, I found out what my shortcomings are and where I can benefit from more study and practice.  The first few days, I took pictures in my classes.  The last few classes, I was beginning to get overwhelmed and totally forgot to take my camera.

This was the second year that I was able to take an acrylic painting/collage class with Jacqueline Sullivan.  This year she taught us techniques for adding texture with foil, cheesecloth, and modeling paste. 

I used the theme of the retreat, "The Enchanted April," as the theme of my collage.

The finished piece!

This is just a taste of Artiscape and one of five classes that I took.  More later when I take photos of the pieces I brought home.  Kudos to Lisa Ohmer and the staff of European Papers and their recruits who sponsored and planned this jam-packed weekend!


  1. Great texture, it's so fun to play with all the ways you can add it to your work. The workshops can be totally overwhelming and just down right
    tiring. Glad you enjoyed it so much and look forward to seeing more
    of your work.

  2. I have had you on my mind for a couple of months....can't believe how the time has flown by!!! It is Spring's I'm out more than in these days....I see that you have been out too, but what fabulous entries or posts you have here for the time that I have missed you. I did pray for the mining accident and the families....and your post was heart warming to read and makes it more personal. Then your birds, flowers....I think I have that little blue weed in my North flower bed under the roses....what a gorgeous blue it is!! Thanks for sharing the importance of this little weed...and then your wonderful stuff from your artiscape escape!! What fun that HAD to your blog is loaded with back to reading it....oh, I've not seen the male finches with that red....not here anyway....and my two dear precious outdoor parakeets were released by a snooping racoon in the nite that PULLED the bottom of their hanging cage off....thank goodness no feathers were found....I've had them almost seven years...they were raised out side and I loved hearing them each day chatter with the other birds!! Your art is wonderful!