Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All the little brown birds

Today was a bird watching day.  Lots of visitors at the feeders on my deck, so I set up my "big" camera on the tripod to try to get some clearer shots than I normally do.  My favorite little bird, the Carolina wren (actually, there were two of them today -- good news!) came several times so I got some good pictures for a change. 


I tried and tried to get a good shot of the tufted titmice, but those little devils move too fast for me to focus and shoot. They are pretty shy. I thought about making a blind to hide me, but didn't have ideas about how to do that in an easy way, so I will do that some other time.

I almost got him... :)

I'm paying particular attention to all the little brown birds.  It's easy to identify cardinals, blue jays, and mockingbirds.  It's more challenging to recognize the different sparrows, finches and other less colorful birds.
A bird that I just identifiedthis winter is a frequent visitor.  It is the white-throated sparrow. 

When you really pay attention to the little brown birds, you realize that they are not all the same.  This one is quite pretty with its white throat and two yellow stripes on its head.  It likes to pick up things off the floor of the deck.  Sure wish they would clean off the seed hulls and other dirt as well as the little bits that the other birds throw out of the feeder.


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