Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another class assignment finished.  I think this is the last lesson, but I still have so much to learn!  This time I used the files that were given to me and I tried to follow the instructions to the T.  My colors turned out really muddy when I followed the instructions, so I brightened it and left it that way.  As I was reflecting on a title, "Send in the Clowns" came into my head and lyrics seemed to just fit ....well, I mean they fit better when I flipped "me here on the ground and you up in the air".

The Judy Collins fans will undoubtedly also note that I left the word "up" out of the text.  That's because the "p" on my other computer keyboard isn't working.  (Sad story about that, but I will save that for after I find out how much it will cost me to get it fixed.)

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  1. I am taking this class also. I love the way your words are put on this.